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7/11 Ryf Reigns Over Roth With 11:35 Margin of Victory

XLAB celebrates two big victories this weekend! XLAB Champion Daniela Ryf crushed the field at the legendary Challenge Roth. Challenge Roth was also the scene of Europe’s first official equipment count, where officials tallied the choice gear of 3,300 individual competitors. XLAB was named the #1 choice in rear hydration systems!

Ryf’s red-hot 4:37:33 bike split blasted the field and rocketed to the top of the record list. Her optimal race day kit included the popular time-saving advantage of the Aero TT System and the Torpedo Versa 500, the only bicycle accessory to be nominated for the Interbike Innovation Award. Her favorite system from Roth’s favorite rear hydration brand? The highly-acclaimed Delta 400.

Ryf’s final time of 8:40:03 bested the field by 11:35 to become her 4th win of 2017.

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