Highly Adjustable & Lightweight

  • Turbo Wing Side View
  • Turbo Wing (White) Side View
  • Turbo Wing (Red) Side View
  • Turbo Wing Back View
  • Turbo Wing Top View
  • Turbo Wing with Sonic Nut
  • XLAB Turbo Wing with Optional XLAB Mini Bag
  • XLAB Turbo Wing with Optional XLAB Mezzo Bag
  • turbo-wing-1
  • turbo-wing-2
  • turbo-wing-3
  • turbo-wing-4
  • turbo-wing-5
  • turbo-wing-6
  • turbo-wing-7
  • turbo-wing-8
  • turbo-wing-w-gorilla
  • Turbo-Wing-System-w-co2
  • Lightweight 2-bottle rear carrier
  • Highly adjustable with 3 carrier positions & 5 different cage angles
  • Carry repair your way! Store a bag at the back, or = 2 CO2 cartridges & an inflator on the SONIC NUT
  • Sturdy carrier won't sway keeping your bottles & repair kit in its place
  • Pair the carrier with high gripping Gorilla Cages for no bottle launches!
MSRP: $79.95

  • 15 positions for EASY REACH
  • Designed for speed ZERO DRAG in high position saves 13 secs per 40 km
  • Anti-flex design prevents whiplash bottle launching
  • Optional Anti-launch XLAB GORILLA Cages help retain bottles
  • Vibration resistant hardware-Loctite, Lock washers, Nylock nuts
  • Low position for EASY STEP-OVER

Versatile Storage


  • Alloy Carrier
  • 1 pair of X-Straps
  • All hardware and instructions


Aircraft Aluminum Alloy


Aluminum 70 grams, Hardware 48 grams. Total 118 grams


Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give it a 3 Years LIMITED Warranty to the original owner.

Cage: Gorilla Cage-Carbon
CO2/Inflator Holder: Sonic-Nut
CO2: Air Strike CO2 Cartridge
Inflator: Nanoflator
Inflator: Speed Chuck
Bag: Mini Bag
Bag: Mezzo Bag

Please refer to the Compatibility Chart

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