Structured, strap mounted bag for standard stems fits cell phones up to 6 ¾” (171.45mm) diagonally and 6-8 gels.

  • Upgrade to a new, higher capacity top tube bag perfect for handling larger cell phones
  • Comfortably fits 6-8 gels along with cell phone, or 10 gels without a phone
  • Keep tablets or used gel wrappers separate in a handy inside pocket
  • Rubberized bottom keeps the bag in place
  • Avoid an overheated smartphone on those hot sunny days - bag interior is insulated!
  • Highly visible, silver colored interior makes it easy to see contents and stay focused on the road
MSRP: $32.95

Keep Focused on the Road: Smarter Features for Easy-Access Storage

  • Wide access opening to easily remove and handle cell phone
  • Inside pocket for tablets, cash or sticky used gel wrappers
  • Large, easy-pull zipper for ease of access even when race day adrenaline is at its peak
  • Silver colored interior makes it easy to find contents
  • One-handed Super-Slide zipper

Aerodynamic Design Tucks Right In Behind Stem

  • Structured shape perfectly optimized to tuck in behind stem and headset spacers without increasing frontal area
  • Extra long straps ensure security on all styles of bike configurations

Contents Stay Cooler

  • Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler


8”(20.5cm) L x 3.3”(8.5cm) H x 2”(5.1cm) W


46 in3 (750 cm3)



Cell Phone Compatibility

Up to 6 ¾” (171.45mm) diagonally


Proprietary low-friction woven material. Red stretch interior mesh. Reflective silver lining. Proprietary insulation material. Anti-slip base. High stitch-count embroidery.


2.4oz (68g)


3 Year Limited Warranty

With a larger phone (for example: Google Nexus P, Motorola Moto G4, Google Pixel XL or iPhone 7 Plus), the inside of the bag can fit 6 gels.

With a standard phone (for example: Samsung Galaxy S7 or earlier, Google Pixel, or iPhone 7 or earlier), the inside of the bag can fit 8 gels.

Without carrying a phone, the inside of the bag can fit 10 gels.

Get Out There Magazine pushes the Rocket Pocket XL Plus to the limit - taking it into the snow and testing its enormous capacity...and they're "very impressed"!

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